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Powerful nonprofit fundraising software: ClearView CRM

Make the most of every opportunity with ClearView CRM nonprofit fundraising software from SofTrek. With donor relationship management, reporting and business intelligence, and operational tools, ClearView CRM is easy to use and available on every device.

  • Accelerate Development
  • Integrate Systems
  • Engage Constituents
  • Target Direct Mail

Major gift development, planned gift developmentClearView CRM gives you support and tools to expand planned and major giving

The key to effective major and planned gift solicitation is having a full picture of a prospective major giver’s relationship with your organization. ClearView CRM includes comprehensive constituent relationship management to support annual and long-term development efforts for major and planned gift programs, including tools for forecasting, reporting and analysis.

See how ClearView CRM can support your planned and major gift solicitation efforts.

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Integrated fundraising, nonprofit systems integrationClearView CRM connects all your fundraising channels for maximum effectiveness

ClearView CRM is based on a philosophical commitment to sharing data and processes among other systems clients use. Take advantage of SofTrek’s experience working closely with other vendors to integrate your systems from finance to online, content management and more.

Help your systems talk to one another with ClearView CRM.

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Constituent relationship management, donor relationship managementGrow constituent devotion with powerful tools and data from ClearView CRM

Constituents who feel your organization knows them are far more likely to offer their support.  With ClearView CRM’s comprehensive opportunities-management tools, you can craft exactly the right approach based on in-depth knowledge of your constituents’ interests, preferences, giving history and more.

Find out how to grow your constituents’ devotion to your cause.

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Direct marketing for nonprofits, targeted direct mail for nonprofits, mailing list segmentationCreate effective appeals with targeted direct marketing from ClearView CRM

Conducting major direct mail and email appeals?

ClearView CRM ably, efficiently and accurately handles large complex direct-mail segmentation.  Linking online and offline channels through its core donor database, it also connects directly with your direct agency, caging service or printer.

Discover how your organization can boost direct marketing with ClearView CRM

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ClearView CRM Blog

Nonprofits, what's your problem?

By ClearView CRM

Do nonprofits have a problem or are you too nice?


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Create the perfect RFP for your fundraising software

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Read "9 Must-ask Questions for Your Nonprofit CRM RFP" for key tips.

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"Many companies talk about customer service and how it's important. Well, to me, SofTrek takes it to heart. From someone actually answering the phone to being there for clients promptly and working with us, you all are great examples of delivering professional customer service."

Bob Bunger • National Director of Development Services • Canine Companions for Independence

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