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Power of campaign fundraising software PledgeMaker, and much more, now in ClearView CRM

Fundraising software ClearView CRM’s technological roots are in a software product—PledgeMaker—that many in the nonprofit world recognize. 

When SofTrek Corporation came into being in 1987, its founding goal was to provide nonprofits with campaign fundraising software that would help them manage essential fundraising activities. In PledgeMaker, the company offered nonprofits a powerful tool for campaign management; mailing segmentation; event setup and management; memberships; volunteer tracking; batch entry and advanced data importing; and credit card processing. PledgeMaker also offered comprehensive reporting to effectively track and manage fundraising activities and PledgeMaker campaign fundraising softwareit integrated with nonprofits’ accounting systems and NCOA and address standardization services. PledgeMaker’s core donor database was (and still is) the engine for these capabilities.

Over time, SofTrek added other products and services to the PledgeMaker family, including online marketing and fundraising tools, professional business services, and other applications, including ClearView.


PledgeMaker + advanced relationship management tools = ClearView CRM fundraising software

ClearView began life as an application that allowed fundraisers easier access to the all-important donor data contained in the PledgeMaker database. Easy on the eyes and the user, ClearView made growing donor relationships a much more efficient and effective process.

Recent innovations to ClearView made obvious that the entire SofTrek suite of products had become a powerful system for CRM. Thus, PledgeMaker evolved into the ClearView CRM system, which continues to provide powerful operational and administrative tools, but also adds a significantly advanced level of donor relationship management tools. Perhaps as important, ClearView CRM fundraising software is now available on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones—anywhere fundraisers need to use it.

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