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Powerful nonprofit fundraising software: ClearView CRM

Make the most of every opportunity with ClearView CRM nonprofit fundraising software from SofTrek.

With donor relationship management, reporting and business intelligence, and operational tools, ClearView CRM is easy to use and available on every device.

ClearView CRM Blog

donor management software
The Smart Nonprofit's Guide

Ensure that you have all the tools you need to successfully cultivate, maintain, and strengthen the relationships between your nonprofit and your donors with the right donor management software.


ClearView blogGo to blog.

Create the perfect RFP for your fundraising software


Read "9 Must-ask Questions for Your Nonprofit CRM RFP" for key tips.

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Who does ClearView CRM help?

ClearView CRM fundraising video

Find out why ClearView CRM is the choice system for leading nonprofits.

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  • Dana-Farber has used [ClearView CRM] since 2001 and continues to find that it meets our needs for a powerful, stable and full featured fundraising application. Our Development staff of 150+ rely on various modules and reports to track and plan fundraising activities on a daily basis. Read More
    Mary Meadows AVP, Development Information Systems
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