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Nonprofits rely on all their supporters, from first-time donors to yearly volunteers to the donors who like and share your posts on social media. All support is meaningful and impactful!

But when it comes time to launch a major fundraising campaign,1 you need to bring in the big guns: major donors.

Even if we don’t like the word, the truth is undeniable: If you work for or run a nonprofit organization, many of your everyday job functions might be considered “sales.” Fundraising, marketing, client or patient relationship-building—they, and many more activities, have sales-like aspects to them.

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Those of us in the nonprofit sector have heard it all from their for-profit counterparts.

  • “It must be nice not having to worry about making a profit.”
  • “Sure but you don't have to be concerned with the bottom line.”
  • 'You can just go to your donors and raise more funding.”

Yep. It is just that simple, right?

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